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Color Trends for 2022!

The colors of your walls say a lot about you and your space.

Look below these interior wall trends for 2022 and the beautiful tones to paint your home and transform it only through painting.

Warm Neutral Tones

In 2021, we said goodbye to grays and hello to greige, which is a warmer gray. Warm neutral paint colors are having a moment; they bring warmth and can instantly make a room feel cozy and comforting.

This tone has very warm and soft beige notes, which transform it into a bright and cozy color, but also generates serenity, lightness, also relates to romantic and vintage styles. It is ideal for living rooms because it is a neutral tone that goes well with any other interior color or style, but it can look good in any home environment.

Blue Tones

Interior blue has been in trend for years and it seems that it will continue to do so. It is a color with a lot of style, but also elegance, which is related to the sea and the Mediterranean style. Used a lot in bedrooms to provide relaxation and serenity, it is a dark and deep color and combined with other colors gives a space personality. Also, soft blue is very calm and harmonious color, great for kitchens, bathroom, and bedrooms.


Green, like blue, is another color that is related to nature and has been a trend for home interiors for some time because it is a fresh color. An ideal color for nature lovers and to bring he outdoors indoors. This particular shade is a soft green, with more warmth, ideal for living rooms or dining rooms.


Pastel colors will be very popular again in 2022. Light vanilla, delicate blue, linen beige and fresh mint green, lilac, or light purple create a springtime feeling everywhere and go wonderfully with many living styles. Pink will add warmth and luminosity to the space, with some very pretty notes of romanticism and femininity and still very modern. It is a tone that is characterized by its light and its delicacy, which creates a very cozy space.

Citron Tones

In the past, yellow has had a bad reputation for feeling dated and overwhelming. However, sunny shades are making splash in the design scene once again as people look for ways to warm up their home like buttery and citron tones resembling the petals of flower.

The color orange is associated with joy, sunshine, and enthusiasm, and in 2022 is time to bring this amazing color into your home decor through paint or furniture fabric.

Industry experts look to 2022 and see a design landscape infused with color that make us feel healthy, serene and centered. These clarifying blues, delicate greens, positive pastels, citrons, and grounded earth tones nudge interiors awake and aim us at a horizon that’s brimming with optimism. Call Precision Painting Amf, LLC today for a free estimate!

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