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2020 Kitchen Design: 10 Top Trends

The design of your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you must make when decorating your home. Let’s take a look at some ideas to decorate and modernize your kitchen:

White Kitchens

You can not change the style of your kitchen so easily because the appliances require installation and also a plumbing service. Right now, the usual thing is to create a modern kitchen, straight lines, high gloss, stainless steel. If you are not very risky, we recommend that you value white, which is the least fashionable color.

White kitchen and wood: the white color can be combined with all possible colors, since it has the virtue of enhancing the colors it has around it.

If your thing is to be bold, you can use a color something alive or strong (in furniture or appliances) or, if you are more classic, you can use it with neutral colors breaking the boring that can be used to use a single white color and providing class and style to the kitchen using the wood as the neutral color.

White, gray, wood and black kitchen: In addition to combining well with all colors, white combines very well with all materials. Wood, granite, vinyl,… are materials that can make perfect combinations with white.

White will help a small kitchen seem much bigger.

Modern Kitchen Colors

Research has shown that colors can greatly affect our moods, behavior and stress levels.

Dark gray and dark wood: If you choose to use a range of cool colors such as blue, purple or green, the sensation that will transmit to the kitchen will be clean, efficient and, above all, serious. These colors give the feeling of professionalism in the kitchen.

Yellow: on the contrary, warm colors such as orange, red or yellow create much more welcoming spaces. With these shades of colors you are going to make your kitchen transmit joy, life and, above all, warmth. With these colors you gain a lot in proximity, however you lose in security.

Black and different shades of green: The best option is to combine the colors to achieve a neutral and more successful result.

Small white kitchen with beige details: Of the colors you choose, one should be the main one that serves as the base of the kitchen. Another will be destined to a secondary situation, being the perfect complement to the main color, and the third will be the most striking color, only used in small strokes in the smallest elements of the kitchen.

Regarding lighting and space, it is important if you have a small kitchen or dark is that you apply light colors in the kitchen as pastel shades, lavender, pale pink or ocher that have a white base to convey clarity and increase the sense of spaciousness.

On the contrary, large kitchens may opt for darker colors.

Kitchens with an Island

If you have enough space in your kitchen to place islands, you are in luck, as the cooking islands become a very practical element in the same at the same time that they transform the space into a much more modern thanks to the contemporary touches that the islands transmit. If you are going to choose the kitchen island for cooking or for cooking, you should remember that you have to choose an extractor hood for an island kitchen.

The island must have enough space to be able to circulate around it with total comfort and spaciousness. The ideal distance between the island and the rest of furniture or furniture is 1 meter, more or less. For this reason, kitchen islands are complements for large kitchens.

The kitchen island market offers a wide variety of models with different types of functionalities. Remember that your kitchen must be divided into 3 zones (cleaning, storage and cooking).

There are kitchen islands with storage space cabinets in which, in addition, you can put your legs. An ideal place to turn this island into a place for family reunion or friends.

Italian Kitchens

Italian wood kitchen: as you can see, wood is an element that appears a lot in the designs of Italian kitchens, providing a rustic style to the kitchen.

Retro style with furniture in pastel green:

Wood again appears as the main element of Italian cuisine, however in this case the finish is lacquered with an aquamarine tone.

Small Kitchens

The distribution of the small kitchens is very important because depending on how you distribute appliances and furniture get gain space. The color most used in modern small kitchens is white, because of its visual effect of looking like a larger space, we also enhance the light and the feeling of cleanliness.

Small retro kitchen with partitions: If the kitchen is not too small we can put a bar or island to open the kitchen to the living room and dining room without partitions, in this way we will get wider spaces. In many studios and lofts, American bars are widely used as separators.

Perhaps, having read these ideas and looking at the photos, you will find new, fresh ideas for yourself that will transform your kitchen beyond recognition, making it stylish and modern!

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