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Plan Ahead for Exterior Painting Season

Exterior season is almost over this year! Time to start planning for next spring for all your exterior house painting and staining needs. Now is the time to call for a free estimate so you can be one of the first scheduled for next spring!

Fall is the time to start planning your next exterior painting needs. Homeowners need to protect that exposed portion of their treasured investment. Curb appeal and maintenance of your home is vital to maintaining great property values.

Boost Curb Appeal

Repainting your home can boost your curb appeal, which should be a focus of every homeowner—not just those getting ready to sell.

Keeping up your curb appeal can do a number of things for you.

First of all, it gives a good first impression. Improving your curb appeal can also save you money in the long run. If you repaint your home now, you won’t have to make costly repairs later, such as:

• Mold damage • Structural integrity issues • Splinters • Warping • Etc.

Better curb appeal will also raise the resale value of your home. So, if you are planning to sell your home next year, repainting should be one of the first home improvements you make.

Painting and/or Staining Makes Your Home Last Longer

Residential paint isn’t just about appearance. It can also give your home a number of important benefits that can make your siding last longer.

Gives It Better Protection from the Elements

Paint creates a barrier between your home from the elements such as rain, wind, heat, hail, and more. This protects the wood underneath from weather-related damage.

Prevents Insect Damage

If the wood of your home is exposed from old paint, wood-eating pests, such as termites, will find the weakness and cause all kinds of damage. And this can be an expensive thing to fix. Repainting your home seals off any exposed wood. This prevents pests from eating away at your home.

By winter, the spring and summer season schedule has filled mostly up. Be on top of the game, get your free estimate today! Call Precision Painting Amf, LLC at 219-510-5160 or email us at

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