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Holiday Decor for Your Home

No matter what color your walls are painted, you can still dress up your home to fit the holiday.

If your home is decorated with a contemporary interior of black and white and chrome, don't try to create a rustic space with twigs and bird nests. Focus on the space as it is with silver, white, glitter, and crystals, maintaining the minimalist look.

On the other hand, if your home is decorated in warm, colorful tones, don't try to make it look sleek and sophisticated with silver and white decorations. Choose colors from the decorating plan and draw them out for the holiday decor.

If the space is warm and cozy, choose decorations in shapes and colors that retain that feeling. If the space is cool and sleek, choose decorations that are also sleek and sophisticated.

Though red, green, gold, and silver are the favorite choices for Christmas colors, almost any hue can create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. Here are some wonderful color combinations for holiday decorations.

  • Red and Green

  • Red and White

  • Green and White

  • All White

  • Any Color and Gold

  • Any Color and White

  • Any Color and Silver

  • White, Blue, and Silver

  • Ivory and Brushed Gold

  • Sage Green, Ivory, and Pewter

  • Bright Purple, Blue, and Green

  • Icy Blue, Lilac, and Silver

  • Autumn Tones of Beige, Brown, Golden Yellow, and Rust

  • Forest Green, Burgundy, and Gold

  • Primary Toy Colors Such as Red, Yellow, and Blue

Take a look at some ideas and photos to design your home in style this holiday season:

Red Walls

You can always keep the red going and use red decorations such as red table settings and candles. Balance it out with white to make it really pop.

Go with green and gold for more of a traditional "Christmas" look...

Blue Walls

Blue, silver and white is such a classic combination and perfect to create a luxurious room for holiday decorating.

Tan, Beige or Brown Walls

Colors seen together in nature always work well in decorating, so don't be afraid to take a cue from Mother Nature. This is especially true when pairing brown and green, two of the most-popular earth tones used in home decor. For sophisticated simplicity, try decorating a green tree using only brown ornaments. Consider using several different shades of green for a layered, multi-toned look when decorating walls and hallways.

Green Walls

Green is a traditional holiday color, but depending on the shade of green your walls are, there are certain shades that will work better than others.

Forest Green: works best with burgundy and gold.

Sage Green: try ivory and pewter decorations or ornaments for your tree.

Purple Walls

Wall colors such as Amethyst, Wine, Purple-Gray, Orchid, Violet, Lilac or even Fuchsia can seem difficult to work with to decorate for the holidays, but there are so many creative and beautiful options!

Purple colors like Royal Purple or Bright Purple, for example, pair best with Pale Green and Dark Blue. Lighter colors like Lilac will pair best with icy blue and silver.

Gray Walls

Gray walls will guarantee that your Christmas tree gets all the attention. So if your house has gray walls, decorate your Christmas tree lavishly.

White Walls

Absolutely anything you choose will go with white walls! Let your creative energies fly!

For a softer look go with a White Christmas tree...

Mix other colors into your white Christmas tree will make it pop!

Whether you choose to just decorate your living room for Christmas, or you deck out the whole house, there's one thing you can count on: There's no place like home for the holidays!

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