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Precision Painting specializes in repairing and staining decks to their natural beauty. Let our professionally trained staff turn your deck into the outdoor living space you've always wanted...

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Do you need to repair some bad wood on your deck? We have worked on decks of every size throughout Northwest Indiana. As we work on your deck we can finish it with a quality matching stain for a look to make your neighbors jealous.

Varnishing the Deck


The primary reason to paint or stain exterior wood is for wood preservation. Your deck is a significant investment and it needs to be cared for and maintained just like your home.

Decks suffer some of the hardest exposure out of all the exterior surfaces of our homes. Extreme moisture, temperature, UV rays, and wear and tear from animals, furniture and foot traffic, all lead to required maintenance. Without proper maintenance, you run the risk of premature wood failure resulting in costly repairs.

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